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Scottish Study of Early Learning and Childcare - three-year-olds (phase 3): report

Findings from the third phase of the Scottish Study of Early Learning and Childcare (SSELC), a research project established to evaluate the expansion of early learning and childcare in Scotland.

Phase 3 of the SSELC, the final phase of the baseline data collection, aimed to gather a robust baseline of child and parent outcomes for a representative sample of three-year-old children in their first term of funded early learning and childcare provision. This phase also followed up the same group of eligible two-year-old children from Phase 1 of the study after they had experienced a year of 600 hours of early learning and childcare. Data were gathered on children via a survey on the children’s development undertaken by their early learning and childcare keyworkers and a survey of parents/carers. Fieldwork was completed between October and December 2019.

Scottish Study of Early Learning and Childcare: Three-year-olds (Phase 3) Report 129 page PDF, 1.4 MB

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