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Second construction site set to return to work

Our Sellafield Project and Residue Store Retreatment Plant will bring around 20 people back to its construction site this week.

The Sellafield Project and Residue Store Retreatment Plant (SRP) is the second of our sites to restart work after our pause on construction, which started at the end of March when lockdown restrictions hit.

Its importance to our overall mission was highlighted when it was named as one of 11 vital pieces of work picked to head our restart plans. It follows the successful restart of our Box Encapsulation Plant Project Store Direct Import Facility and has put similar measures in place to maintain workplace distancing.

The project is delivered through our Programme and Project Partners (PPP) model and is the first within PPP to restart, with our partners working closely with us to enable a successful transition back to work.

The first work to be restarted on the project will be the steel fixings for the concrete slab, work which can be effectively done whilst keeping distances of at least 2 metres.

All arrangements will be monitored so learning can be shared with other projects coming back on-line and to strengthen those at SRP if necessary.

When built it will be a vital part of the safe and secure management of our stockpile of special nuclear materials.

The plant is needed to retreat, repackage and consolidate this material in a form suitable for long term storage in modern facilities until circa 2120.

SRP is of national importance as it is crucial to delivery of the special nuclear materials strategy and to manage one of the sites highest hazards.

Maintaining the delivery schedule of the plant is important due to the condition of the material it is required to process.

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