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Second stage of Angiolini Inquiry to be brought forward

Part 2 of the Angiolini Inquiry to commence.

In a letter sent to Lady Elish yesterday, the Home Secretary has agreed that Part 2 of the Angiolini Inquiry should proceed as soon as practically possible.

Priti Patel stressed that the work of the Inquiry should progress given its vital importance in giving the public full confidence that the police are there to protect them.

The Angiolini Inquiry was established in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard to understand how a serving police officer was able to carry out this horrendous crime and what lessons need to be learnt so that policing, and its partners, can do everything possible to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Inquiry has recently announced that it will not be possible to publish the findings of Part 1 of the Inquiry until criminal and misconduct proceedings related to the case have concluded.

Part 1 of the Inquiry is looking in detail at the timeline of Wayne Couzens’ career, including all allegations of criminal behaviour and misconduct, decisions taken in relation to his vetting and the extent to which any concerns were either known and/or raised by colleagues.

Part 2 is expected to consider what broader issues have arisen for policing from this and other tragic cases, as well as steps that the police and its partners can take to ensure the protection of women.

The Home Secretary will remain in dialogue with Lady Elish as the scope for Part 2 is developed.

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