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Sellafield Ltd Review of the Year 2022/23 published

We've published our Review of the Year for 2022/23, covering safety performance, progress at Sellafield, and our social impact work in the last financial year.

The review reflects on the many successes of the year, including the start of retrievals from the Magnox Swarf Storage Silos, the use of divers in the Pile Fuel Storage Pond, the progress being made in major projects, and the continued contribution to skills and economic growth.

It also recognises some of the challenges faced in the year, including the work that has been done to bring the crane in the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo back into operation to enable the start of retrievals this year.

More than anything, the review is a celebration of the people who have delivered the work.

You’ll get to meet:

  • Imogen, a former nuclear apprentice who pilots robotic vehicles in the First Generation Storage Pond.
  • Adam, the health physics team leader who helped to keep the divers in the Pile Fuel Storage Pond safe.
  • Jay, a degree apprentice who is helping to create contamination protection suits for SPOT the dog.
  • Stacy, a shift team leader in who (with her team) reduced the volume of highly active liquor in highly active storage tanks.
  • Rachel, who works on the Box Encapsulation Plant and is employed by Balfour Beatty, who helped install the overhead crane and is using her mental health training to help her colleagues.
  • Stephanie, who works on the SIXEP Continuity Plant and is employed by Jacobs, who has helped to design and install the vessels the new project needs.
  • Stephen and Izzy who work in transport and in radiation protection respectively, who share the work they’ve done to bring in electric trains and e-bikes.

Read the full review in the link below:

Review of the Year 2022/23 – Our Sellafield


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