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Single EU-wide safety authorisation for foreign airlines flying to the EU

The European Commission has adopted a new regulation (known as PART TCO) paving the way for airlines from outside the European Union to obtain a single EU-wide safety authorisation to fly to, from or within the EU. The new system will avoid unnecessary duplication and lead to greater efficiencies compared to the current application process. The authorisation confirming EU-wide compliance with international safety standards will be provided by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and valid throughout the whole EU.

Foreign airlines will no longer be required to make a separate application for a safety authorisation to each EU Member State they want to fly to, as is the case now.

Vice-President Siim Kallas, EU commissioner for mobility and transport, said: "Safety always comes first in our aviation policy. These new rules will cut red tape and simplify safety authorisation procedures for foreign airlines, while at the same time ensuring that they fully comply with all the necessary international safety requirements. This will make air travel to, from and within the EU safer, to the benefit of European citizens and all those that travel to the EU."

The "third country operators" (or TCO) safety authorisation issued by EASA will be applicable to all commercial airlines from outside the EU that intend on flying to EU territory, and will be valid for the entire EU. The safety authorisation will be a precondition for obtaining the operating permit in each Member State. EASA is well placed to carry out the required safety assessment and ongoing monitoring of third country operators.

The new safety authorisation system will:

  • harmonise the application of international aviation safety rules across the EU – as a result it will be easier to monitor compliance with international aviation safety standards by foreign airlines that wish to operate to, from and within the EU and in turn make air travel to the EU safer;

  • simplify and streamline the application process, by providing a one-stop shop or single EU wide safety authorisation for foreign airlines flying to, from or within the EU;

  • complement the existing EU air safety list regulation and as a result make a significant contribution to the safety of European air travel.

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