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Small Business Commissioner stands down

Paul Uppal has stepped down from his role as Small Business Commissioner.

November 2019 update

Suzanne Burke, Head of Operations at the Office of the Small Business Commissioner, is currently acting as the Commissioner pending a substantive appointment being made. She will be exercising the Commissioner’s functions, including those under the Small Business Complaints Scheme. An open recruitment campaign will begin after the general election.

With Suzanne Burke covering, Fiona Dickie’s role in providing support and oversight to the Small Business Commissioner team has come to an end.

The important work of the Small Business Commissioner’s Office continues while the process to recruit his replacement gets underway.

Fiona Dickie, the Deputy Pubs Code Adjudicator, will provide oversight in the Small Business Commissioner role until early November, pending the appointment of an interim Commissioner.

An open recruitment campaign to appoint a new Small Business Commissioner will get underway immediately.

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