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Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys

All train operators in Great Britain must provide appropriate, accurate and timely information that allows you to plan and make your journey with a reasonable degree of assurance, including when there is disruption.



This isn’t just my opinion, it’s a licence condition, condition 4 of the Passenger Licence and GB Statement of National Regulatory Provisions to be precise.

The improvement plan

Back in November 2019 ORR wrote to the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) after our research on the provision of information to passengers showed improvement was needed. 

In that letter we asked Network Rail and train operators to work together under the governance of RDG to publish a passenger information improvement plan. 

That improvement plan became the Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys (SISJ) programme.

Progression is evident 

SISJ is a single industry strategy, with structured governance and high levels of participation. 

In its October 2022 report I was encouraged to read how cross-industry membership is enabling progress to be made by the individual projects that make up the programme.  

Highlights include: 

  • upgrading the information shown on station screens to a new minimum standard
  • making provision for future sharing of real time station facility data, for example station lifts  
  • introducing notifications to passengers if their booked train changes between booking and travel. 

As these improvements are rolled out, people will be able to book further ahead with more confidence.

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