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Socitm launches policy briefing to inform local digital debate in run up to election

Designed to inform debate in the run up to the next election, Socitm has launched a policy briefing on how local digital public services can best be delivered. 

Digital: Vision to Value - embracing locally designed, digital public services was launched by President Nick Roberts on 21 October at the annual conference taking place at Old Trafford. 

The briefing is explicitly addressed to politicians and senior policy and decision-makers, and sets out what will be required to deliver locally designed, digital public services. 

The briefing explains that ‘digital' has become widely used shorthand for the improved use of technology, digital resources and better information management. 

The potential benefits for local government include reduced costs, increased efficiency and better outcomes. Digital can also stimulate innovation, enable new ways of working, and help to re-shape relationships between citizens, communities and local government. 

The briefing explains that local public service organisations looking to embrace digital need to adopt three core principles: 

  • Innovate to empower citizens and communities
  • Redesign services to simplify, standardise and automate
  • Collaborate to share and re-use resources and assets

It also sets out the key ICT issues that digital local public service organisations need to get to grips with.

Copies of Digital: Vision to Value - embracing locally designed, digital public services are available free of charge.


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