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Sports Governance Academy to continue for five years

The support hub launched in 2020 and provides the sport and physical activity sector with resources to establish a framework for effective and fair decision making.

The Sports Governance Academy (SGA) will continue for another five years after we combined with the home nations sports councils to award them a long-term investment of £1.8 million.

Delivered by the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland (CGIUKI), the SGA is a governance support hub for the sport and physical sector, allowing organisations access to resources and expertise to upskill themselves, and those they work for.

This support from us, UK Sport, sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland has confirmed the continuation of the SGA until December 2027 and it underlines our commitment to helping organisations become more transparent, diverse and inclusive, as well as promoting high standards of accountability and integrity.

Jeanette Bain-Burnett, our director of policy and integrity, is excited to see the next phase of the SGA come to fruition.

“We are delighted to see all the Sports Councils coming together to support the continued work being delivered by the Sports Governance Academy,” she said.

“With all the sports councils joining forces for the first time, there is now a unified view from the sports councils on where organisations in the sector can go for governance support.

“At a time when there are lots of issues being raised about governance in the sector, our continued investment into the SGA is critical to us helping support the sector to strengthen approaches to governance so that more people have a safe, inclusive and welcoming experience in sport.”

The SGA was created and delivered by CGIUKI following a three-year award made in December 2019.

It’s based around three pillars of learning, knowledge and community, and helps everyone leading, working and volunteering in sport organisations to achieve their goals by establishing a framework for effective and fair decision making.

And this renewed investment will allow the CGIUKI to add new elements to the SGA, including new courses, a re-designed website, more integrated professional development opportunities, a peer-to-peer mentoring scheme and a modular approach to gaining the governance qualification.

“With all the sports councils joining forces for the first time, there is now a unified view from the sports councils on where organisations in the sector can go for governance support."

Jeanette Bain-Burnett

Executive director of policy and integrity, Sport England


Networking events and regular forums will also allow those gaining their qualification with the SGA to connect as a community, supporting one another within the sector.

We know that embracing good governance is key to building a diverse and inclusive sector where those taking part do so in a safe and positive environment, and the CGIUKI chief executive officer Sara Drake is pleased to be building on the good work of the past three years.

“We are excited to be extending this unique partnership, and the opportunity it provides to offer the benefits of better governance practice to sports organisations across the United Kingdom and Ireland,” she said.

“The sector has truly embraced the SGA since its launch in February 2020 and has demonstrated a considerable appetite for governance development.

“We believe that effective governance delivers better decision making and incorporates the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

“Encouraging effective and accountable leadership will help underpin a trusted, vibrant sports sector where talent can flourish at every level.”

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