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Statement: Water companies must not add to households’ worries with poor service

The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) says water companies must not add to the worries of households through poor service.

CCW has responded to Ofwat’s annual water company performance report which sets out a number of areas where water companies are falling short of the standards customers expect. It highlights a fall in customer satisfaction, poor performance on pollution and a failure by the vast majority of companies to meet targets to reduce household consumption of water – a key part of wider efforts to ease the growing pressure on water resources.

Emma Clancy, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), said:

“The cost of living crisis means households have enough to worry about without water companies adding to their concerns through poor customer service or the devastation of seeing their home flooded with sewage. Water is an essential service that should be reliable, safe and affordable for everyone but some companies are falling short of meeting their customers’ expectations.”

“Many people are irritated by leakage so the industry needs to stretch itself further with far more focus on tackling visible leaks quickly, while keeping their customers regularly informed of what they are doing and the impact it’s having.”

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