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Statement by President von der Leyen at the Global Citizen live event 'A Recovery Plan for the World'

Statement given recently (25 September 2021) by President von der Leyen at the Global Citizen live event 'A Recovery Plan for the World'.

Thank you Priyanka,

Good evening, Paris! And good evening to all those who are watching us from around the world.

I am very happy to be with you this evening, because there is so much energy here! It is like the whole world is speaking with one voice. And our message is clear.

We want to put an end to the pandemic.

We want no one to go hungry.

We want the same opportunities to succeed for all the world's children.

And we want to stop global warming.

That is the vision of Global Citizen – and it is also Europe's vision.

All these global challenges call for a global response, and for global responsibility.

My message to you this evening is that Europe will respond to that call.

First of all, we have been sharing our vaccines fairly since the beginning, even during difficult times. Half of the doses produced in Europe – to date, 800 million doses – have been delivered around the world.

And we will not be stopping there. In the coming months, we will be providing an additional 500 million doses to the most vulnerable countries – because to beat this pandemic, the whole world will need to be vaccinated.

Secondly, we must never let up in the fight against hunger. I am therefore delighted to announce that we will be contributing €140 million towards food security.

And thirdly, we want all children to be born with the same opportunities. All too often, the fate and lives of our children are determined by the lottery of birth.

This is why I am pleased to announce that Europe will be donating €25 million to the ‘Education Cannot Wait' initiative. An investment in education is an investment in a better world.

And finally, for the future of our children, it is vital that we take care of the home we all share: our planet.

We all need to act – together – to stop the climate crisis. Europe is ready. Its targets are set.

We encourage everyone else to follow us. And we call on the richest to give more to help the world in its green transition.

Europe is taking responsibility. But all those who can do more, should give more.

Friends, it takes heart and courage to change the world. And our hearts beat faster when we work together, with the public, with you all. Your energy is what drives us forward.

And now, it is my pleasure to welcome to the stage the great artist, Angélique Kidjo!

Thank you all!

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