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Strategic financing for a strong future

Our asset finance solutions offer a simplified procurement process and preferential rates to help you purchase the assets you need to deliver vital frontline services.

With tight budgets a fact of life across the public sector, upgrading your organisation’s assets – such as technology, fleet, or building infrastructure – may be low on your list of priorities. 

However, this sort of investment can be essential for the continued delivery of world-class public services. New assets may also help you meet policy objectives, such as reducing your carbon footprint. 

The move to electric vehicles is just one example of the many types of asset upgrade that can benefit your organisation. 

Electric vehicles have fewer components and so there are less repairs. Diesel and petrol are also much more expensive than electric so, by investing in electric vehicles, you save on maintenance, you save on the cost of fuel and you also benefit from improved operational effectiveness with your fleet spending less time off the road. 

Considering the funding options

While it is clear that upgrading your assets can be beneficial, both operationally and from a long-term financial perspective, the challenge, especially in the current climate, is funding these investments. 

Often buying an asset outright may not be viable because of limited budget or it may not be the most cost-effective option. If this is the case, considering other funding options, such as leasing, might be helpful.

This is why we have developed a new commercial solution to help organisations access the right financing options, for a wide range of asset types.

The twin commercial solution: a choice of route to market

Our new solution consists of a framework (RM6146) for accessing specialist leasing advisors and a separate funding platform in the form of a Leasing and Loans Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This provides direct access to lenders, offering a range of leasing arrangements and loans. 

The 2 solutions can be used independently or jointly to suit your needs. 

This choice promotes value for money. You can contract directly with lenders when an advisory service is not required, but, if you have a complex project, advice is available under this framework.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our asset finance solutions offer: 

Standardised terms and conditions

One of the challenges when considering finance options, particularly an operating lease, is evaluating proposals for leasing arrangements which are priced against a different set of terms and conditions from each supplier. The terms and conditions can affect the costs over the lifetime of the asset which complicates a pricing evaluation. 

We invested in producing bespoke terms and conditions to be used for all call-off agreements on our DPS. The terms were developed by a CCS appointed asset finance specialist law firm, in conjunction with suppliers in the marketplace and the leasing trade body, to ensure their suitability and fairness.

These terms and conditions differ from similar routes to market. Their key benefit is the simplified process for putting a lease in place. They also promote fair competition and transparency as suppliers who bid at further competition will be pricing against standard terms and conditions. 

Direct access to a wide range of lenders 

The DPS has been designed to attract a wide range of funders to deliver value for money through healthy and fair competition. We have developed the solution through multiple rounds of market engagement to ensure there is strong appetite for opportunities in the supply market. 

Specialist leasing advice when you need it

It can be  a complex process to determine the most cost-effective option when acquiring a new asset. 

The advisors on our Leasing Advisory Services framework can run options appraisals to identify the best option, while considering the whole life cost of the asset and your objectives. 

Our leasing advisors can also run an end-to-end procurement for you. This is often the preferred option for complex procurements

Cash savings on existing leases

Portfolio Reviews are also offered under this framework. A leasing advisor will review your portfolio of leases and identify where you can restructure lease arrangements and make savings.

This service is provided on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. You will only pay for the advisor’s services if they are able to generate savings for your organisation. 

We’re here to help 

If you have a lease portfolio where you would like to make savings, or you are exploring financing options for new assets, then please:

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