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Suppliers invited to contribute to advanced materials consultation

A new enduring consultation has been launched inviting suppliers to help shape the future research activity as part of the Materials for Strategic Advantage (MSA) programme.

The consultation will provide a way for traditional and non-traditional suppliers and users of advanced materials to feedback to the programme.

Register your interest to take part in the MSA enduring consultation email

Established in April 2017, the MSA programme is one of the MOD’s Chief Scientific Advisor’s research programmes run by the Defence Science Technology Laborary. It aims to exploit global developments in materials science, across the academic and industrial sectors for UK Defence and Security to maintain strategic and operational technological advantage, and to save money for the lifecycle of the projects.

The first phase of this consultation will identify:

  • the technical barriers linked with the development and insertion of advanced materials technologies on defence equipment;
  • exploitation opportunities directly through industry into defence platforms
  • innovative technologies or approaches that could be developed in the future S&T programme

The consultation is not a request for bids from the supplier base to direct fund mature technologies or products.

How will the information be used?

Information provided under this consultation will be used to shape future research activity which will be openly competed in accordance with competition rules. This could include, for example, through the identification of technical barriers that are common across the supply base where interventions may have maximum impact, or opportunities for collaboration.

The identification of exploitation and future technology insertion opportunities will ensure research requirements are incorporated into future competitions to maximise the chance of exploitation via industry into military equipment.

How will the information generated be protected?

All data will be protected in accordance with the civil service code.

Who is this consultation aimed at?

This consultation is open to all sectors and supplier types but engagement with equipment manufacturers in particular is sought. For example:

  • defence primes
  • wider industry
  • SMEs
  • research and development centres of excellence
  • research technology organisations
  • academia

What are the timescales for the consultation?

Submission of expression of Interest to participate in consultation no later than 31 October 2017; requests to participate after this date will not be accepted. However, additional phases may take place in 2018 when new participants would be permitted; these will be advertised.

  • active consultation will take place during November – January 2018
  • outputs will be consolidated in February 2018

How can I take part?

Parties wishing to participate in this consultation are requested to email , using the subject line ‘MSA Consultation opt in’ and including the following information in the message body:

  • organisation name (mandatory)
  • point of contact name, email, phone number and address (mandatory)
  • organisation type (e.g. prime, SME, other industry, academia, other – please describe) (mandatory)
  • organisation information (optional e.g. area of interest etc.)
  • for data protection reasons, the email must state that you wish to opt in to the MSA Industrial Consultation – Phase 1
  • please also state if you wish to opt in to the MSA mailing list to receive updates on the wider programme (future events etc.)

After the 31 October, the consultation will be run using electronic methods of communication. This may include a webinar and questionnaire; further details will be provided after the 31 October once the number of participants is established.

How can I find out more about the MSA programme?

The MSA programme aims to be a hub for defence materials research. Even if you do no not wish to participate in the consultation, but would like to opt in to the MSA mailing list to receive information on future events and opportunities please email, using the subject line ‘MSA Mailing list only’ stating clearly that you wish to opt in to the MSA mailing list.


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