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Supporting our people to enjoy fulfilling careers in communication

Blog post by: Mark Funnell, Penny Mitchell, Kohinoor Meghji, 06 February 2020.

GCS 2020’s ‘Our People’ workstream is about making sure everyone in government communications enjoys fulfilling careers.

How do we attract the right talent to the Government Communication Service? Help our people enjoy fulfilling careers?

Welcome to Our People, the GCS 2020 work stream that’s grappling with these exciting and often knotty challenges. We recognise that skills and experience are the lifeblood of our profession. We also know that we should reflect the full diversity of the communities we serve. As Maya Angelou said, in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

Our People has started where you’d expect: getting to know our people better. We’ve looked at all the workforce data available to us. The facts are fascinating, and tell us where we need to focus our energies – whether it’s strengthening our presence in the regions, focusing even more on digital skills through programmes like Accelerate, or attracting more diverse communicators to our membership.

All of this data and insight gives us a great steer on our priorities for recruitment, development, retention and leadership.

A career framework for government communication

Our next priority has been setting out a route map for progression, what we call the GCS Career Framework. Whatever our background, current role or aspirations, this framework is a vital navigational aid for every kind of career in Government and public sector communication. How do you excel in your discipline? Become the complete communicator? Or an inspirational leader in our profession? Check out the GCS Career Framework as a starting point.

We are also looking at managed moves and the mobility of our staff. We realise that it’s difficult to jump disciplines in our profession. Yet our most talented communicators by definition will (or at least should) be our most versatile.

We are also looking at our recruitment strategy and central recruitment campaigns for big areas of need in our profession. It makes sense to do this in a joined up way, at least when many of our departments and organisations are looking for similar skills at similar grades.

Giving GCS members rewarding and challenging careers

Overall, where are we trying to get to with Our People? We think that setting out a clear GCS offer helps us answer this question.

At a high level, we want GCS to offer the most challenging and rewarding communications careers in the world. We want our people to develop broad and deep skills, equipping you to trail blaze technology, engage with society’s most challenging issues, and champion communications that change people’s lives for the better. We want our profession to reflect the full diversity of the communities we serve, from the UK and its regions to its individual citizens, and with regional hubs that make it easy to enter and move around our profession.

We are particularly keen to get help with outreach (for example career fairs and higher education), with developing our recruitment campaign, and with trials for managed moves.

If you have any thoughts about this, or you’d like to get involved, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact or


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