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Supporting people with high blood pressure

Digital hypertension platform hits 100,000 users.

More than 100,000 people in Scotland have benefited from a technology tool which allows them to monitor and manage their blood pressure remotely – saving the NHS an estimated 400,000 plus face-to-face appointments since 2019.

Connect Me allows patients to share their blood pressure readings with their GP through a digital platform to encourage better hypertension health.

With an estimated 1.3 million Scots impacted by high blood pressure, it is the leading preventable risk factor for heart and circulatory disease, associated with around half of all strokes and heart attacks. Research has shown that patients using remote monitoring achieve and maintain optimal blood pressure levels much faster compared to those seeing doctors just once or twice yearly.

The programme allows clinicians to monitor patient trends and change medication as required, whether levels improve from healthy habits or start deteriorating over time. Around 99% of users found the platform easy to use and 94% said they would use it again. It also offers patients choices for sharing readings, including via mobile app, web browser, text message, or automated call.

Health Secretary Neil Gray recently said:

“Connect Me is another example of how we’re embracing technology to help tackle the challenges facing health and social care. It’s extremely encouraging to see that over 100,000 patients have benefitted from the platform to date saving an estimated 400,000 appointments.

“I would encourage health boards to increase the roll out of Connect Me and for people who have hypertension to ask their GPs if they might be eligible for the programme. By empowering patients to take control of their wellbeing we are not only improving health outcomes but also significantly reducing pressure on primary care services.”


Remote monitoring can significantly reduce the need for multiple clinic appointments with GP or other healthcare professionals for blood pressure checks to confirm a diagnosis and subsequent management of hypertension.

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