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Supporting the development of Health and Science, and Digital qualifications

Building on the progress of Digital and Health and Science T Level Technical qualification developments and insight gathered from education providers and employers, we are excited to be developing further qualifications in these sectors to provide learning and career progression pathways.

To ensure qualifications offer individuals the opportunity to develop the skills truly valued by the sector, engagement with education representatives and industry practitioners to inform our approach to development is vital to ensure we reflect that occupational reality in the qualification content and assessments we develop. Some of our current developments include;


Level 2 Certificate in Digital Support Advisor (T Level transition qualification)

Level 2 Certificate in Data Technician (T Level transition qualification)

Level 3 Certificate in Web Design

Level 3 Certificate in UX/UI

L3 Certificate Digital Marketing

Health and Science

Level 2 Certificate in Health and Science (T Level transition qualification)

Level 4 Higher Technical Qualification for Assistant Practitioners in Healthcare

Level 4 Higher Technical Qualification Associate Ambulance Practitioner

We would be grateful if you’d consider being involved or reach out to colleagues in your networks. If you might be willing to help, please email


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