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Survey on web governance and management launched: please participate

Socitm has launched a new survey to enable sharing of data about the governance and management of websites in local authorities.

Anyone that participates, whether or not a member of Socitm or Socitm Insight will be given access to the resulting data from all participants. If you have not received notification of the survey, it can be accessed here.

It is well known that local authorities have many and varied approaches to the way they manage web and digital services. These may be run in-house or be outsourced; use open source or proprietary software for content management and transactions; have budgets measured in tens or hundreds of thousand pounds; and be managed through a range of council functions - usually communications, customer services or IT.

The survey aims to gather sound evidence about the variety of approaches to governance, management and spending, enabling cross referencing with evidence on performance from our other Socitm work on website quality and performance.


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