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Swimming: Health Benefits Proven

Swimming can reduce the risk of death by 28 per cent, says a new study by Swim England.

"I used to feel trapped and depressed about my conditions – but going swimming with others with the same problems has made me feel good about myself."

Robert, who lives with Bi-Polar and Korsakoffs, is one of the many people experiencing the positive impact of swimming.

His story is featured as part of a new report from Swim England into the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming.

"Swimming was a new outlet from my illnesses," adds Robert. "My self-worth has improved and my confidence has improved.

"It's just a simple swim – but it has changed my life."

Health Benefits

The report shows that the unique benefits of waterOpen in a new window make it the perfect place for people of all ages to exercise, particularly those with long-term health conditions.

Download the Swim England report

The report also found evidence that swimmers live longer, and regular swimming helps older people stay mentally and physically fit.

Importantly, it also showed that taking part in swimming lessons can help children to develop physical, cognitive and social skills quicker than those who do not have lessons.

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