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Swinney: "Billions in potential cuts are no 'molehill'."

DFM responds to Mundell comments on fiscal talks.

The Scottish Government will continue to pursue only a deal which is fair to Scotland, Deputy First Minister John Swinney insisted yesterday.

Mr Swinney was responding to a statement from Scottish Secretary David Mundell regarding the ongoing negotiations around funding and new powers for Scotland.

Mr Swinney said

"A substantial cut in Scotland's budget – potentially amounting to billions of pounds in the years ahead – is no ‘molehill’. We will continue to work on achieving a fair deal – but one that delivers on the Smith Commission principle of 'no detriment'.

‪“We will only sign up to a deal that is fair and delivers the Smith agreement. We will not sign up to a deal that systematically cuts Scotland’s budget regardless of anything that this or future Scottish Governments do.”


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