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Syria, Africa, Venezuela and US Middle East plan to be debated

MEPs will debate the US’ recently presented Middle East plan, the new EU-Africa strategy and the current security situation in Syria, on Tuesday afternoon.

As a first item, MEPs will question EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell about Venezuelan politicians illegally entering the EU, in a breach of sanctions decided by the European Council.

The US Middle East plan aiming to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, foresees both a future Palestinian state and recognition of Israeli sovereignty over settlements in the occupied West Bank. It considers Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital, while permitting a future Palestinian capital to include parts of East Jerusalem.

A number of key actors, including the Palestinian leadership, the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have rejected the plan in its entirety. EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, who will participate in the debate, has also denounced it in a recent statement.

The same day, the European Parliament will also take stock of the current security situation in Syria with Josep Borrell.

The new comprehensive EU-Africa strategy will be debate the same afternoon with Commissioner Urpilainen.

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