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TUC: Ministers must bring in new laws to protect women from sexual harassment at work

Commenting on more reports that demonstrate the scale and extent of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak yesterday said:

“Every woman should be safe from sexual harassment and abuse. 

“But in the last few weeks alone, we’ve heard reports of sexual harassment from workers in hospitality, women working as surgeons – and now, once again, in the entertainment industry. 

“These recent allegations don’t even scratch the surface of the problem. We know that most women, especially young women, experience harassment or abuse at work. 

“Six years on from the explosion of MeToo, it is clear that nowhere near enough is being done to tackle this harassment and the cultures that enable it. 

“Sexual harassment and bullying have no place in modern workplaces, or in wider society.  

“Ministers promised to bring in a new law to put the onus on employers keep their staff safe from this type of abuse. 

“But instead, they backtracked under pressure from Tory backbenchers and watered down the legislation, letting down working women across the country – yet again.” 

TUC poll published in May found nearly two-thirds (62%) of young women have experienced sexual harassment, bullying or verbal abuse at work. 

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Original article link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/news/tuc-ministers-must-bring-new-laws-protect-women-sexual-harassment-work

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