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TUC: PM's renegotiation agenda misses the point

Commenting on details emerging yesterday (Tuesday) of the EU renegotiation deal sought by the Prime Minister, which includes proposals to allow the UK to restrict in-work benefits for migrants, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The Prime Minister is still missing the point. Tinkering with benefits for poorly-paid migrant workers won’t address the real challenge of ensuring that everyone who works gets a fair day’s pay.

“It’s understandable for people to worry about the impact of migration on their communities. But instead of blaming migrant workers the Prime Minister should deal with the root problems, like bad bosses who use migrants to undercut other workers. And corporations who don't pay their fair share in tax to fund our public services should be dealt with too.”

Responding to other aspects of the Prime Minister’s renegotiation, Frances O’Grady added:

“What people in Britain want from the EU is decent jobs and good wages, fairness at work and sustainable growth. So far, all we’ve heard about is the benefits of the EU for big business – but people won’t vote for putting the interests of the City ahead of the needs and aspirations of the rest of us.

“It’s good that the Prime Minister listened to trade unions and stopped trying to negotiate away workers’ rights this time. But the proposed ‘red card’ would just be another way for him to try and stop people in Britain getting better rights and protections at work from future EU agreements.”


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