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TUC slams government for “trying to tie unions up in red tape”

  • New changes to the role of the trade union certification officer are political, says union body
  • Unions to be hit with new levies and will be more open to “baseless” complaints
  • Proposed new action to tackle ‘fire and rehire’ is weak, says TUC

Responding to the ministerial statement by BEIS Secretary Paul Scully on the new role of the trade union certification officer, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady recently said:

“This pandemic has brutally exposed the terrible working conditions and insecurity many in Britain face.

“Millions have turned to unions to protect their jobs, defend their rights and keep their workplaces safe.

“But rather than cracking down on bad employers, the government is trying to tie unions up in more red tape.

“These reforms are based on politics rather than the real problems working people face.

“They will hit unions with expensive new levies – that’s money straight from the pockets of care workers, nurses and supermarket staff.

“And unions will have to spend more time dealing with baseless complaints.

“Ministers should be working with unions to improve working lives – not looking for new ways to undermine us.”

On the government’s proposed action to tackle ‘fire and rehire’, Frances O’Grady added:

“These new measures are limp and will do little to stop fire and rehire.

“Asking bosses to be nice to their staff is no substitute for taking real action.

“If ministers were serious about levelling up workers’ rights and protections, they would have brought forward an employment bill at last month’s Queen’s speech.

“Their failure to do so speaks volumes about their political priorities.”

Editors Note

  • Figures published last month by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the number of trade union members increased by 118,000 in 2020 – the fourth year in a row trade union membership has increased.


Original article link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/news/tuc-slams-government-trying-tie-unions-red-tape

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