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TUC warns Trade Secretary to protect workers and the NHS from a bad trade deal with Trump

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will speak at an international trade seminar in London today (Monday), convened by the Trade Secretary Liam Fox

“People know that free trade brings benefits. But experience has taught them that they often aren’t the ones who get those benefits.

“Post-Brexit trade deals need to put the interests of working people on an equal footing with those of business. They must incorporate the highest standards of worker, consumer and environmental protection. They must make the creation of good jobs one of the central aims, especially in those parts of the country that need them most. And they must not be a vehicle for undermining public services.

“Our new trade deal with the EU must deliver what the Prime Minister has promised – that after Brexit, workers’ rights currently guaranteed by EU membership will be protected and enhanced.

“A bad deal with President Trump could scupper support for free trade at a stroke. When the Prime Minister went to Washington last month, we heard lots of warm words. What we didn’t hear about is what that deal might do to the NHS, to the steel and the car industries, or to workers’ rights. As ministers are fond of saying, no deal would be better than a bad deal”

Notes to Editors:

  • All TUC press releases can be found at tuc.org.uk/media 
  • TUC Press Office on Twitter: @tucnews
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