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Talking 5 with Local Public Services Member Me Learning

This month's Talking 5 guest is Kevin Stenner, Account Director - Local Government, Me Learning

Each month, techUK's Associate Director for Local Public Services, Georgina Maratheftis, interviews a member active in the local government space about their vision for the future of local public services and where digital can make a real difference to people and society. This month we talk to Kevin Stenner, Account Director - Local Government, Me Learning about the role that digital and learning can play in rethinking how local public services deliver better outcomes for their communities and people.

Welcome Kevin. Firstly, tell me more about you, your career and how you got to this position today?

I have been supporting Local Government for 30 years, and I am passionate about generating effective outcomes for local communities. I started my career working with the Public Sector at Sandersons (now Civica), supporting Finance Directors throughout the country. From there, I held positions at Northgate, Capita, and Liberata. My main focus has always been technology, and how it can transform Public Services by upskilling their workforce, to future proof for success.

It always struck me that in order to achieve the best out of technology, you need well trained employees and a skilled workforce in order to truly realise the investment. And that’s what we do at Me Learning. Technology is transforming how we work. Me Learning is transforming how we learn.

What is the greatest opportunity for local government when it comes to digital?

E-Government, hands up who remembers that buzz word? Public Services over the years has sought to harness the power and benefits that technology can bring to service delivery. There has been some great success stories, but also sadly, some very high profile, well, catastrophes, to be blunt.

Advances in AI, Machine Learning, Agile software development, Human Capital Strategies, and the art of business alignment, present a potential paradigm shift for Digital Channels, and how technology can support internal transformation.

What is your vision for the future of local public services and places?  

In a rapidly changing 24/7 world, Public Services will continue to be even more accessible. With the rollout of full fibre, and the use of Musk’s Starlink programme for more remote communities, the shift in working patterns, and how that shapes communities will continue to accelerate. It might be a global economy, but people need Local Services, and just as importantly, Local Communities, and the Public Sector needs to be at the heart of it.

By rethinking how Public Services can make greater use of technology and learning, this will help equip their team with the right skills they need for the future, so they can engage, motivate and drive change.

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