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#TechTakeover - A Day in the life of software developer Ryan Richardson

Here at NCFE we have a team full of talented, enthusiastic individuals across a whole range of departments. Whether that’s dealing directly with our learners and training providers or creating exciting new qualifications, we pride ourselves on having a team passionate about designing, developing and certifying diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards.

For the third part of our mini #TechTakeover series which is shining the spotlight on our IT Team, software developer Ryan Richardson shares what a day at NCFE looks like for him.

A great thing about working at NCFE is the flexibility, meaning the time I get in on a morning can vary. Sometimes I’ll come in early but it’s nice to be able to come in a bit later if needed.

Usually the first point of call when we get in is to have a stand-up meeting, which is especially important if we’re working on a project. This involves looking at where we’re all at, what we’re going to be doing for the day, if we’re struggling with anything and it’s good to just be able to chat to the other developers.

After that, it’s time to crack on with whatever piece of work we’ve just spoken about and get all priorities completed. This time of the day is usually ideal if you want to grab a quick 10-minute break for a coffee with one of the guys to go through something specific.

Around lunchtime I tend to go for a bit of a wander for food and we’re really lucky to be based just across the road from Greggs, which is always a winner.

Throughout the afternoon there tends to be meetings around all sorts of things whilst cracking on with our work. This could be anything from catching up on projects that we’re working on to discussing ideas we have and showing off our work to the rest of the IT team through demos.

We used to host a software games club out of working hours where we’d work out how to make games which was really fun. We’re actually hoping to get that started back up again as it’s a great way to work on something you’re passionate about with likeminded people.

Does NCFE sound like somewhere you’d like to work? We’re on the lookout for talented fullstack developers to work across both front and back end solutions. Send over your details to to express your interest.


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