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#TellYourStory campaign launches

The alliance of home nations sports councils launch the next phase of their review into racial inequalities with a campaign to encourage people to share their own stories.

Around 600 Black, Asian and minority ethnic people will be given the opportunity to tell their story of racial inequality in sport as the five UK sports councils begin their lived experiences audit.

In September we announced that we, along with UK Sport, sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland were joining forces to tackle racism and racial inequalities across their nations.

The aim was to develop a collective plan to help build a sporting community that’s reflective of the societies they represent. And part of that announcement was a commitment to making a safe space for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people to recount their experiences of racial inequality.

Two pupils in a boxing drill during a school PE lesson

The alliance of sports councils has now appointed AKD Solutions to create a lived experiences opportunity and launched the #TellYourStory campaign, asking people to share their knowledge and understanding of accessing, being involved in, or being excluded from sport.

The Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University has also been appointed to bring together existing data on race and ethnicity in sport, to identify gaps within these records and gain greater insight into participation and progression barriers.

Both pieces of work will make clear recommendations for change that the sports councils can then take forward.

“No matter what your background, you should always feel able to take part, to feel welcome and to feel safe in sport at any level,” said Tim Hollingsworth, our chief executive.

“But for too long, deep-rooted issues have led to racial inequalities and racism going unchecked and the voices of those who have been most affected have been silenced or ignored.

“This is finally changing and part of our work as the leaders of the UK's five sports councils is to be part of that change and to gather a clear picture of where we are today and to fully understand what people have experienced.

“This project is an important next step and I am delighted we are taking it.”

Through the #TellYourStory campaign, 600 personal stories will be collected via virtual forums and stories submitted to the campaign's website - either in written, audio or video form.

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