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Tenants will be hit by supply crisis in rental market

Tenants face an ‘acceleration’ in rent increases over the next five years, because the demand for private rented housing is outstripping supply, according to the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveys (RICS).

New figures published in the September 2019: UK Residential Market Survey show that in the lettings market, demand from prospective tenants is rising firmly for an eight month in a row, and that demand is still outstripping supply.

Commenting on the figures, RLA policy director David Smith yesterday said:

“Today’s figures demonstrate what we have long predicted, namely that because of recent tax hikes on the sector and threats to remove Section 21 repossessions without putting proper alternatives into place, landlords are not investing in new homes to rent, leading to demand outstripping supply. This only serves to hurt tenants as they face less choice and higher rents.

“Given how clear the evidence is the Government urgently needs to change course, and end those tax measures which are choking off investment in new homes to rent.”

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