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TfL and Yunex successfully complete world leading upgrade to London's traffic signal system

TfL and Yunex Traffic have successfully transferred TfL's traffic signal system to the cloud-based Real Time Optimiser (RTO) system.

  • TfL manages, optimises and controls Europe's largest traffic signal network of around 6,400 signal sites across the capital
  • London is moving towards an intelligent adaptive traffic signal system that enables optimisation of green time for all street users, including pedestrians, bicycles, buses and cars in a world first
  • The new system will deliver improved journey times, traffic flows and responses to incidents, as well as improved data on journey demand and road network patterns

Transport for London (TfL), working with Yunex Traffic Limited, has successfully transferred its ageing traffic signal system to the cloud-based Real Time Optimiser (RTO) system. This world-leading upgrade to London's road network management enables improved journey times, traffic flows and responses to incidents, as well as improved data on journey demand and road network patterns. This will help inform TfL's work to optimise the road network.

TfL manages around 6,400 automated traffic signal junctions and pedestrian crossings, one of Europe's largest traffic signal networks, which help to move traffic across both the TfL and borough road networks safely and efficiently. The RTO will transform the current traffic light control system that has been keeping London moving for more than 30 years. This will allow TfL to mitigate against the challenges of the complex, older road layout in the capital, providing resilience and future proofing its road network management.

Almost 4,000 junctions, 1,500 pedestrian crossings, and more than 16,000 traffic detectors across Greater London were seamlessly migrated to a new system without any impact on London's road network over a two-week period.

Traffic signals are central to the safety of Londoners on roads and are hugely important in helping TfL to run an efficient bus network. This infrastructure and its integration with RTO allows TfL's Control Centre to respond to incidents on the roads to ensure that all road users whether they be walking, cycling, using public transport or driving can travel safely. TfL's management of the road network is also central to its Vision Zero goal of eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the transport network.

The RTO also provides TfL with the platform to support the introduction of FUSION, a new intelligent adaptive control optimiser, which can replace the existing SCOOT system that has been operating across London for more than 30 years. This new system will be pivotal in improving air quality across the city, reducing congestion and helping traffic flow by using a wide range of modern data sources techniques.

Carl Eddleston, TfL's Director of Network Management and Resilience, recently said:

"London's road network plays a vital role in enabling millions of journeys each day and we're determined to ensure that people can walk, cycle, take the bus and drive as safely and efficiently as possible. This world-leading new traffic management system will be a game-changer for us in London. It will use new data sources to better manage our road network, tackle congestion, reduce delay for people choosing healthier travel options and improve air quality."

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK, recently said:

"We are delighted to be at the heart of this ground-breaking programme, having worked closely with TfL to develop this innovative solution for transport authorities both in the UK and internationally.

"Building on the UK's track record of developing modern traffic management and control solutions, RTO provides a robust, reliable system that will meet the needs of the world's largest cities, helping improve air quality, reduce congestion and make sustainable travel more appealing and accessible to everyone."


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