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Thames Water fined a record £20.3m for polluting the Thames -WWF comment

Commenting on the Thames Water fine of a record  £20.3m for polluting the Thames – WWF say “not an isolated issue”

Rose O'Neil, Water Policy Manager WWF commenting on Thames Water record fine for sewage pollution:  

“This ruling and fine is welcome and needs to focus the minds of all water companies and their shareholders as it is not an isolated issue. There are around 1,5000 sewer overflows across England releasing raw sewage into our rivers. This case highlights the need for water companies to invest in solutions that manage the whole local catchment area such as green infrastructure and sustainable drainage systems. They simply can’t continue treating our rivers as their dumping ground.

“With only a fifth of rivers in England currently deemed healthy we urge the UK Government to announce its intention to bring the Water Bill forward in the next Queen’s speech. We also need new legislation to ensure a resilient and sustainable water and sewerage system.”

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