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The Big Energy Saving Network on your doorstep

We've launched our Big Energy Saving Network map. Find out if there’s a volunteer group near you offering advice on how to save energy and money.

It’s Big Energy Saving Week and thousands of people have been getting involved in local events to help spread the word about the best ways of saving energy and keeping warm.

As part of the week, DECC yesterday launched its Big Energy Saving Network map so you can find out if there’s a volunteer group near you and if so, who to contact to find out more.

Big Energy Saving Network map

Do you know someone cut off from internet access, or who needs advice to understand the choices available to them when it comes to energy bills?

We know that some people, especially the vulnerable, and older or disabled people, may need extra help.

That’s where the Big Energy Saving Network comes in. The Department of Energy and Climate Change funds a local volunteer network to provide people with year-round advice on switching energy suppliers, installing energy efficiency measures or simply learning how to pay a bill online. It’s already helped over 90,000 hard to reach, vulnerable energy consumers.

Since the Network launched in 2013, we’ve given over £2m in funding – this year, DECC will fund 170 individual BESN projects being delivered by around 90 different organisations.

The Network is made up of a broad range of groups such as housing associations, Citizens Advice Bureaux and community energy initiatives.

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