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The British are here – A celebration of UK participation at Exponor 2017

Speech by Ambassador Clouder at UK networking reception on the occasion of Exponor Mining Fair held in Antofagasta.

We are here at this spectacular venue, courtesy of FCAB (Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia), surrounded by some past British innovation and technology. At Exponor 2017 we are celebrating and promoting some current and future British innovation and technology.

Innovation and technology which we believe can help meet some of the needs of Chile’s mining sector. Two years ago we met here in Antofagasta against the background of a tough year for the copper market and slowing global demand. The price of copper is, of course, crucial to Chile’s economy. Price analysis and relationship to investment was a major theme of this morning’s seminar. A major theme of Exponor 2017 overall is innovation and technology and the role it has to play in transforming the mining sector. The industry is focused on finding ways to improve production efficiency , reduce costs, and to create sustainable partnerships to drive growth.

The mining industry has historically been a strong part of the bilateral relationship between Chile and the UK. 70% of British investments in Chile are in the mining sector, in large part responsible for the UK being one of the largest investors in Chile. Chile is home to a number of important British or UK-linked companies. A priority for the Embassy is to involve a further range of British expertise, innovation, products and services contributing to mining and the mining supply chain here in Chile.

Chile is an attractive country in which to do business. We believe that British expertise makes the UK an excellent supplier that seeks to use innovation and technology to meet pressing mining sector needs such as energy, equipment, efficiency and education.

The proof of this is the constant participation of British companies in the successive Exponor and Expomin mining fairs where the whole spectre of services and products are represented: from environmental monitoring, energy, through mining security, logistics, water treatment, mineral processing, operation efficiency, engineering to construction and satellite technologies.

Here at Exponor 2017 – we have:

  • Aggreko – delivering innovative power and cooling systems for every stage of the lifecycle of the mine.
  • EHS Data – with a world leading environmental data management solution.
  • FMC – Friction Marketing Company - with innovative materials for equipment manufacturers in the earthmoving and mining equipment industry.
  • LMK Thermosafe – a world leader in heating solutions for industrial containers.
  • PacificTek – manufacturers of Concrete Canvas, a flexible fabric, that hardens on hydration to form a durable, concrete layer.
  • Satellite Applications Catapult – making use of satellite based technologies and data, including with regard to environmental and social impact issues for the mining industry.
  • Turner and Townsend – a services company with global expertise addressing programme, project and cost management.
  • And British Airways, with a raffle to win a return ticket, to celebrate the new direct flight from Santiago to London.

And I hope we will also see many of you at Chile Day, 29/30 June in London. A great opportunity to promote investment possibilities here in Chile.

Our commercial team at the British Embassy continues to work to highlight the many opportunities in Chile to companies in the UK; and to highlight British expertise to help address some of the challenges in the mining industry

  • How do you assess the geology, develop the extraction techniques, assess the environmental impacts, analyse the lifetime of a mine – we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you increase efficiency and optimise process engineering in the lifecycle of the mine – we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you improve energy efficiency and optimise water demands - we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you capitalise on and diversify from new opportunities, such as lithium - we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you project manage, optimise cost control and manage the supply chain - we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you transform an industry, its culture and its working practices - we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you ensure you have all the regulatory standards, and financial and legal services in place – we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you do a different sort of mining – mining the data that can transform the mining industry - we have the expertise, innovation and technology.
  • How do you inspire, train and educate the next generation – and for that some of the best universities and colleges in the world.

We look forward to further building the partnership between UK and Chile, in transforming trade, in increasing investment and in linking people. We also work closely with our Embassy colleagues across Latin America to encourage UK participation in the mining sector. Please make the most of this evening to build some of those links – talk to the British Companies, here to participate in the largest mining fair in Latin America. Talk to the Embassy team here, from Santiago, who have helped to organise the UK stand and this reception, Please come and visit our stand in the copper pavilion. We would be delighted to talk to you, about how you see the mining sector in Chile and how British expertise can help contribute to the next phase of growth.

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