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The King presents New Colours to No. 9 Company and No. 12 Company The Irish Guards

As Colonel-in-Chief of The Household Division, The King has presented New Colours to No. 9 and No. 12 Company The Irish Guards at Windsor Castle. The new Colours will be those trooped in the Trooping of the Colour at His Majesty’s official Birthday Parade in London on Saturday 15th June 2024.

The Presentation of New Colours Parade at Windsor Castle began with The Band of the Irish Guards, led by the Irish Guards’ Regimental Mascot, an Irish wolfhound named Turlough Mor, marching the Irish Guards into Windsor Castle’s Quadrangle via the George IV Gate.

The Old Colours will be marched off parade and the New Colours will be laid on a drum stack altar.

The King inspected Guardsmen and Officers on parade before the Chaplain General consecrated the Colours with a blessing. His Majesty then presented the New Colours to two junior officers.

The Colours, comprise a Regimental Colour and the King’s Colour. They are the heart of a regiment, adorned with its emblems and battle honours. They are a part of the Irish Guards’ legacy, representing those that have fought and died for the Regiment. 

Originally used as rallying points for troops on the battlefield, they are not just regal artworks. To this day they accompany soldiers on operations and, more visibly, on Ceremonial Duties. Before active duty, Colours are consecrated in a ceremony of prayers and blessings, held today for the Irish Guards in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle.

Addressing the Parade, The King said:

You bring to your duty a blend of professionalism, courage and humour which has always marked out Irish Guardsmen.

The King is Colonel in Chief of the seven Guards regiments of the Household Division, with the regiments often being seen on ceremonial guard duty at the Royal Palaces.

In March 2023, Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales took over the role of Colonel of the Irish Guards from The Prince of Wales.

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