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The King's Fund responds to Wes Streeting's speech at the Future of Britain Conference

Siva Anandaciva, Chief Analyst, The King’s Fund responds to Wes Streeting’s speech at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change Future of Britain Conference 

‘Poor health and illness is not just a problem for individuals, nor just a problem for the NHS – it has become a serious challenge for the economy and for society. The new Secretary of State’s comments on the role of the Department of Health and Social Care are welcome and recognise the fact that a strong economy relies on a strong health and care sector. A renewed focus on preventing ill health can pave the way for a healthier nation and economic growth.

‘NHS leaders will also breathe a sigh of relief that the new government has reaffirmed its commitment to the founding principles of the NHS. Short-term thinking has plagued health and care policy, so the priority this government is placing on long-term planning should also be welcomed.

‘But the new government still faces a mountain of issues, from ongoing staff strikes to crumbling NHS buildings and rising financial pressures. The government will soon need to set out more detail on how it can meet these near-term challenges to improve NHS performance, while also delivering on its longer-term goals to move care into the community, focus on prevention, and shore up a creaking social care system.’ 

Notes to editors

For further information, or to request an interview, please contact the Press and Public Affairs team on 020 7307 2585. 

The King's Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England. We help to shape policy and practice through research and analysis; develop individuals, teams and organisations; promote understanding of the health and social care system; and bring people together to learn, share knowledge and debate. Our vision is that the best possible health and care is available to all. 

Future of Britain Conference 2024

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