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The King’s Fund welcomes launch of new NHS leadership framework

Marcus Powell, Director of Leadership and Organisational Development for The King’s Fund, commented on NHS Improvement’s launch of ‘Developing people – improving care’, a new national framework on leadership skills and development in the NHS

‘All too often, we see a directive style of leadership in the NHS that can get short-term results but does significant long-term damage. We see the results of this in the high numbers of NHS staff experiencing harassment, bullying or abuse, and chronically high levels of staff stress.

‘The publication of this strategy should be a springboard to a new style of leadership in the NHS. This has to start at the top, with senior leaders changing the way they work to be more compassionate, collaborative and inclusive. Leaders in the national bodies must also model this approach in how they work with the rest of the system.

‘This strategy does an excellent job of articulating the change we need to see and the focus on compassionate leadership, system leadership and building talent is particularly welcome. But we should not underestimate the scale of the challenge in implementing it, as turning its laudable aspirations into reality will involve huge change. But as tough as this will be, it is worth making the effort because the size of the prize – fully releasing the potential of a workforce that is passionate about what it does and deeply believes in the NHS’s values – is massive.’

Notes to editors: 

The national framework for action on improvement and leadership development in NHS-funded services is available on NHS Improvement's website:

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