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The OOO Company recalls all varieties of its Infused Oils and vacuum-packed Halloumi Cheese

The OOO Company recalls all varieties of its Infused Oils and vacuum-packed Halloumi Cheese because of concerns over its procedures in place to control Clostridium botulinum.
The effectiveness of process controls that could potentially affect the safety of these products cannot be demonstrated satisfactorily. The issue relates to controlling factors to prevent the growth and toxin production of Clostridium botulinum. The botulinum toxin may cause a serious form of food poisoning called botulism. Although no trace of the toxin has been found in products tested, a recall from customers is being carried out as a precautionary measure.
Product details
Product name: The OOO Company Infused Oils (Garlic, Basil and Chilli - all varieties)
Product name: The OOO Company vacuum packed Halloumi Cheese
Pack size: All sizes
‘Best before’ date: All date codes
Action taken by the Company
The OOO Company is recalling the above products. The company has contacted its customers that were supplied with the Halloumi cheese. However, the Infused oils have only been sold at farmers markets in East Anglia.  A point-of-sale notice will be displayed by businesses selling these products and a notice will be placed on the company’s website. This notice alerts customers to the recall and advises them of what actions to take if they have bought the product(s). A copy of the point-of-sale notice is attached to this alert.
No other The OOO Company products are known to be affected.
Advice to consumers
If you have bought any of the above products, do not consume them. Instead, discard them and email the company at for a full refund.
About product recalls and withdrawals
If there is a problem with a food product that means it should not be sold, then it might be 'withdrawn' (taken off the shelves) or 'recalled' (when customers are asked to return the product). The FSA issues Product Withdrawal Information Notices and Product Recall Information Notices to let consumers and local authorities know about problems associated with food. In some cases, a 'Food Alert for Action' is issued. This provides local authorities with details of specific action to be taken on behalf of consumers.
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