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The President of Latvia Reflects on NATO’s Future and the Threat of Russia

His Excellency Edgars Rinkēvičs, President of the Republic of Latvia, addressed an audience of RUSI members and the media, outlining NATO’s changing role in European security and the importance of containing an aggressive and expansionist Russia.

In his address and during the subsequent Q and A session, President Rinkēvičs discussed how, along with other NATO member countries, Latvia has reinforced its deterrence and defence in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The President also reflected on the evolving priorities for NATO. He observed that effective implementation of defence plans, increased investment in the defence industry, fair burden sharing and a long-term strategy of containment towards Russia are now priorities for the Alliance.

During his speech, President Rinkēvičs said:

We are now facing what I believe will be the reality for years, if not decades to come: an aggressive Russia in Europe; a government suppressing all freedoms; and a President dreaming of the restoration of a Russian empire.

He continued:

There are deep problems when it comes to [Western] support for Ukraine… we need a strategy which says that we will support Ukraine until its victory. In our assistance to Ukraine, we are failing; all the decisions to provide necessary weapons are belated.

On NATO in Europe, he said:

If we as Europeans want to be a serious partner for the United States, we now finally need to get very serious about what we do. As we increase defence spending... we must invest in the proper capabilities.

His Excellency Edgars Rinkēvičs, President of the Republic of Latvia

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