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The UK envisioned as a global leader in quantum post-brexit in new policy document

In the new paper, The Benefits of Brexit: How the UK is taking advantage of leaving the EU the UK Government have reiterated their commitment to developing a world leading quantum ecosystem in the UK.

The UK have been investing in quantum since 2014, with the formation of the National Quantum Technologies Programme. This programme has developed world leading strengths in quantum science and technology development by bringing together researchers, businesses and government.

This has enabled a thriving community of quantum startups, with over 40 startups in the UK have raising over £135 million in VC investment so far. This investment  – which is being used to test and develop previously theoretical use cases; streamline and improve quantum hardware; and invest and nurture talent – will ultimately facilitate the commercialisation of quantum.

One significant success of the National Quantum Technologies Programme has been the new National Quantum Computing Centre in Oxfordshire. The Centre aims to provide a top-class environment for quantum technology to flourish in the UK.

This paper also makes key announcements to underscore this commitment to quantum commercialisation, most notably the announcement of a UK National Quantum Strategy to be published this year. This strategy will builds upon the importance of quantum in the UK’s Innovation Strategy, to support early-stage, innovative businesses; making the UK the most attractive place for global quantum talent; and making sure that our research and development institutions support businesses across the UK.

Alongside this announcement, the paper also emphasises how they will continue to work with the quantum sector to influence the quantum strategy. Events for the UK’s quantum community will be held in the coming weeks to dig deeper into the objectives and challenges of the strategy and will issue a call for evidence to ask for views and inform the development of the strategy. This work will continue to build on recent successes within the UK quantum sector and continue to grow this thriving community.

techUK have been showcasing the different opportunities quantum commercialisation will bring to the UK through the member-led Quantum Commercialisation Campaign.

This campaign explores how the technology sector can drive forward the commercialisation of quantum technologies; create a thriving quantum market for new products and services; and support the development of a world-leading quantum industry. Please do get in contact if you would like to find out more information and get involved. 

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