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The UK’s Points-Based Immigration System

Julian David, techUK's CEO, comments on the Government's Policy Statement on the UK’s future points-based immigration system and what it means for the tech sector.

The Home Office has today (19 February) unveiled its plans for the UK’s post-Brexit immigration system. A new points-based system will be in place from 1 January 2021, once freedom of movement between the UK and EU has ended. Key routes will be open from Autumn 2020.

Commenting on the Government's Policy Statement on the UK’s future points-based immigration system, techUK's CEO Julian David said:

“Today’s Policy Statement from the Home Office sets a welcome direction for the tech sector on the UK’s future immigration system by explicitly welcoming STEM talent, removing the unnecessary and arbitrary cap and creating a more streamlined approach that uses digital innovations such as online applications. The Government’s commitment to commence the new system on 1 January 2021 leaves business very little time to prepare. techUK would urge the Government to move quickly to put in place support structures for businesses – particularly SMEs who currently may not possess the right administrative permissions or capacity, to help them navigate the new system.

“As the Government builds the future immigration system it is vital that efficiency and effectiveness are central pillars. The UK tech sector’s ability to attract and retain talent relies on businesses being able to be agile and dynamic to plan for the future. techUK’s members are committed to building a strong domestic talent pipeline but for the UK to remain world leading in fields such as AI and quantum the UK must remain open and attractive to international innovators, investors and the talent that supports that ambition. This is a welcome step in that direction.”

Home Secretary announces new UK points-based immigration system

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