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"The World can follow Wales’ example on building a better society” – Eluned Morgan

A unique Welsh law which promotes social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being is a role model the rest of the World can follow, Wales’ Minister for International Relations, Eluned Morgan yesterday told a gathering at the World Bank in Washington DC.

The minister was speaking during the first day of her first overseas visit as Wales’ first ever International Relations Minister. 

It’s also the first time a Welsh Government minister has visited the World Bank in the USA’s capital city. 

During a keynote speech, the minister set out the way that the Welsh Government is ensuring that when making policy there is an understanding that most aspects of life interact with each other. There is no point in focusing just on what happens in the classroom if the child has not eaten or goes home to a cold home.

The unique Welsh law - the Well-being of Future Generations Act, is a pioneering legislative initiative designed to ensure that all parts of government and wider Welsh society also act in ways that promote the long term benefits of Welsh citizens.

The minister yesterday said:

“I strongly believe that Wales has a unique story to tell. 

“In 1999 Wales became one of the first nations in the world to put sustainable development at the heart of its constitution, and the World’s First Fair Trade Nation. 

“Through the introduction of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, we’ve introduced a law which is designed to ensure all parts of Wales act in ways that will ensure the promotion of the long term benefits for generations to come. This is, I believe, the most ambitious and far-reaching piece of legislation that the Welsh Government has ever delivered.

“As the world is calling out for ways to localize and strengthen progress at a more local level, I believe Wales can provide a blueprint for others to follow.”


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