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"The best of both worlds" by David Cameron, Prime Minister

The Prime Minister David Cameron sets out the case for Scotland staying part of the United Kingdom. 

Wherever we come from in our United Kingdom we share something special. We have achieved so much together. We are a united Kingdom with a united future.

Ours is a 300 year journey of common cause and shared endeavour. A partnership of countries and of people coming together for the common good.

A partnership that has achieved so much in centuries past, is working so well today and which gives us all the best and brightest hopes for the future.

Visit the Scottish independence referendum page for more information.

Just look at what we have done.

Together, we created world class institutions like the NHS and the BBC.

When Europe faced its darkest hour, we stood together as a beacon of hope.

We pull together in this United Kingdom. When one of us needs help, we are there for each other.

When poverty and disaster strikes around the world we are there offering aid.

What we have is precious. What we have works. Our incredible family of nations and people.

In 4 months time Scotland faces the biggest decision it could be asked to make. Rightly, that vote is for the people who live there and who make it the amazing country that it is.

They face a choice between 2 competing views of what is best for Scotland. The greater opportunity and security of being part of something bigger, or the risks of severing the links and going it alone. It is about where the best opportunities lie for this generation and those to come. It is about facing the future together, or facing it alone.

This is a decision that affects us all, wherever we live. And as I have said before, millions in these islands do not have a vote, but we do have a voice.

That is why I have been heartened to see so many people finding their voice. People from all walks of life and all parts of the UK. They know, as I know, that we are all better together. In Scotland that means the best of both worlds.

20 years ago this week the Labour leader, John Smith died.

Whatever people thought of his policies, nobody could deny that he was a proud Scot who wanted the best for his country

And why not?

Like millions of other people, he knew that loving your country and at the same time wanting to be part of something bigger does not make you any less Scottish.

That truth is shared by millions of others.

So my message is simple. We want Scotland to stay. We are all enriched by being together.

Scotland puts the great into Great Britain.

Together we are a United Kingdom with a united future.

This article first appeared in the Sun newspaper today (15 May 2014).

Channel website: https://www.icaew.com

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