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The rise of the fitness industry: how it’s more of a feasible career choice than ever

Whether or not you’re health conscious, it’s clear to see that there’s been a substantial boom in the health and fitness industry over recent years.

There’s been numerous reasons cited for this, from budget gyms making fitness more accessible, to wearable goods such as Fitbits appealing to the tech-savvy generation, and Instagram making the younger generation feel more inspired to look good.

It’s likely there’s not just one reason for the increase in health fanatics, but more likely that it’s down to a variety of reasons. Whatever the motivation, it’s reported that there’s still room for growth in this fast-growing market.

The 2019 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report carried out by the Leisure Database Company, and released in May, revealed that there are now over 10 million people in the UK with a gym membership – that’s an impressive one in seven people paying to use a gym. The report also highlighted that the industry is now worth over £5 billion.

It’s apparent that the younger generation are more health conscious than ever before, and that there’s a very noticeable shift from going for a pint down the pub, to going to a Pilates class.

Whatever the reason for the changes, this makes a career in the sport and fitness industry a compelling one. Not only does it give those working in the industry the opportunity to better themselves, but it also allows them to help others; to feel better, to look better, and to help improve quality of life.

The fitness industry can be rewarding, lucrative and varied, with an increasing number of pathways to choose from, from teaching sports, to coaching or gym instructing, the opportunities seem ever-increasing. Due to the fast-paced changes in the industry, it’s vital that those who choose to enter the health and fitness world are prepared to hit the ground running.

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