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The trouble with contractors: how granting full system access is a security weakness

Blog posted by: Undisclosed CSO, 25 September 2017.

The trouble with contractors: how granting full system access is a security weakness

AXELOS' "Cyber Stories from the Frontline" brings to life the reality of cybercrime for organizations today and from the perspective of those who have first-hand experience

How often do we hear stories of how multi-national corporations have been hacked via third-party software that runs their air conditioning or a contractor that supplies their catering?

This is exactly what happened to one CSO in our real-life 'Cyber Stories from the Frontline' series of cyber security stories.

How can the account act as both a warning and a guide for other organizations as they look to keep control of cyber security while using third-party contractors?

In the third of our series, The Trouble with Contractors, we explore:

  • How to handle a problematic part of your business: your contractors and their security practices.
  • How a contractor has easier access to your systems than a “hacker” – you’ve given them full access already!
  • What to do when a third-party supplier ‘goes rogue’ and warning signs are missed.
  • The importance of looking beyond how you think a contract with a supplier will protect you.
  • Why is crucial to know every contractor you’re working with, and especially those on the frontline.
  • The systems and processes to put in place to ensure greater control of contractor privileges.

To find out what you can learn from this Cyber Story from the Frontline, download the full story, The trouble with contractors.

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