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This Girl Can partners with Regatta Great Outdoors and Strava

The collaborations are part of a new working model for This Girl Can as the campaign continues to work to inspire more women to be active.

This Girl Can has announced partnerships with online activity tracker Strava and outdoor clothing company Regatta Great Outdoors as it continues its quest to inspire more women to get active on their own terms.

The partnerships, that will launch in May, are the first in an innovative new working model for the award-winning campaign.

Celebrating and building women’s confidence to get active has been at the heart of This Girl Can since its launch in 2015 and this new model will see the campaign work with high-profile brands and organisations to reach new audiences, while continuing to celebrate and champion active women everywhere.

A woman, sitting on a bench in a park, fastens her cycling helmet as her bike leans up against the end of the bench.

Working in partnership with organisations that share its values is a priority for our Uniting the Movement strategy, which is dedicated to tackling inequalities in activity levels – including the stubborn gender activity gap.

These partnerships will help This Girl Can continue to break down the barriers that can stop women from getting active, like fear of judgement and fear of not being fit enough, and our campaign lead Kate Dale

“Despite the great progress made since we launched This Girl Can in 2015, women are still less active than men, and the disruptions of the pandemic has made returning to activity even more of a challenge,” she said.

“This means that millions of women are missing out on the physical, mental, and social rewards of an active lifestyle, and it’s why we’ve got to find new ways to give women the confidence they need to take the first step towards getting active.  

“That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Regatta and Strava, who share the Uniting the Movement ambition of tackling the gender activity gap and empowering women to get active on their own terms.

“It might be a countryside hike, a jog with a friend, or a walk in the park – there’s only one right way to get active, and that’s what is right for you.”

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