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Tougher measures introduced to protect woman and girls

Domestic abusers will face tags and tougher management under new measures to protect women and girls announced by the Home Office yesterday, Monday 20 February. 

The new proposals have been introduced to protect women and girls from harassment, aggression and violence, and focus on stopping domestic abuse before it takes place.  

The measures include:

  • Tougher management of most dangerous abusers and new protections for victims
  • The most harmful domestic abuse offenders will be recorded on the Violent and Sex Offender Register
  • ‘Ask for ANI’ codeword scheme expanded to 18 job centres and jobs and benefits offices across the UK
  • Violence against women and girls classified as a national threat for policing for the first time. 

APCC Joint Lead for Victims, Donna Jones and Sophie Linden, said: “The measures introduced today are a much-needed step towards ensuring victims are better protected and violent offenders do not slip through the net.

“Every woman and girl has the right to feel safe. When a crime occurs the criminal justice system must do all in its power to support those victims and do everything to secure the justice they rightly deserve and expect. We welcome the Domestic Abuse Protection Orders to provide flexible support for victims and to stop the most prolific perpetrators.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) we are stepping up to deliver more of these services. Whilst the raft of new measures present an opportunity to build back the trust and confidence of women and girls in our society, there must be the appropriate funding allocated to ensure successful delivery.

“We also welcome the classification of violence against women and girls as a national threat. This is a significant milestone in recognising this epidemic and sends a strong message that these behaviours will not be tolerated in our society.

“As PCCs and Deputy Mayors, we are committed to preventing and tackling violence against women and girls and we will continue the vital work we do, alongside partners, in supporting victims, holding Chief Constables to account and in challenging the behaviours of those in our communities.”

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