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Two stories to inspire you - case studies from Business is GREAT

Great businesses don’t just stick to one plan, they refresh and renew them. Two companies tell their stories of growth. 

When you are growing and running your business, you never have enough resource. It always feels like that. This is where Business is GREAT comes in. If your business is planning to growhireexport or find finance, we can help.

There is a wealth of support, advice and expertise available through government services and agencies. And much of it is free. Our first story is about Minicabit, a price comparison site for licensed mini cabs. The second story features Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) that is the world’s leading developer of the next generation of lighter-than-air craft.

The cab fare to growth

To show how much the environment for raising equity finance for start-ups has changed, you need only look at the story of Amer Hasan and Minicabit. The company has secured funding from a top technology accelerator and from a group of business angels.

The business is a price comparison site for licensed minicabs nationwide. Customers get quotes from minicab operators from both their pick-up and destination venues. The cab operators set their rates with minicabit taking a 10% commission on the fares booked. Read the full story here.

A big idea takes flight

The helium-filled Airlander is the creation of Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) and can carry up to 10 tonnes and stay airborne for up to 5 days; it could be used for surveillance and communications. Plans are afoot to build a much larger craft that will be able to carry 50 tonnes – the Airlander 50. This enormous construction will be able to transport goods and equipment to all corners of the earth. It can land on water, desert or ice, enabling access to remote and inaccessible places.

It is for the development of the larger craft that HAV has secured £2.5 million from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) alongside investment from a group of private investors. This really is a British small business with the potential to lead the world in its field. Read the full story here

The GREAT Business campaign has a wealth of information for employers about hiring apprentices, and about the government support available. There are also some terrific case studies on the GREAT Business websitedemonstrating the vital role that apprenticeships play in the UK economy.

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