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UK House Price Index for June 2020

The UK HPI shows house price changes for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This is the third publication of the UK House Price Index since May 2020 following the decision to suspend the index as a result of the effect the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had on the reporting of the data.

Between now and 21 October, we will be publishing the reports that were meant to be published during the period of suspension to enable the August data to be released on 21 October, as originally scheduled before the disruption earlier this year. The June index was originally scheduled to be released in August. See the full calendar of release dates.

The June data shows:

  • on average, house prices have risen by 2.7% since May 2020
  • there has been an annual price rise of 3.4%, which makes the average property in the UK valued at £237,834


In England, the June data shows on average, house prices have risen by 2.8% since May 2020. The annual price rise of 3.5% takes the average property value to £254,423.

The regional data for England indicates that:

  • the North West experienced the greatest monthly price rise, up by 4.3%
  • the South East saw the lowest monthly price growth, with a rise of 1.6%
  • the East Midlands experienced the greatest annual price rise, up by 4.5%
  • the North East saw the lowest annual price growth, with a rise of 1.7%

Price change by region for England

Region Average price June 2020 Monthly change % since May 2020
East Midlands £200,682 2.6
East of England £295,856 2.0
London £490,495 3.6
North East £131,742 2.9
North West £170,939 4.3
South East £327,558 1.6
South West £263,474 2.9
West Midlands £204,664 3.0
Yorkshire and the Humber £169,020 2.7

Repossession sales by volume for England

The lowest number of repossession sales in April 2020 was in the East of England.

The highest number of repossession sales in April 2020 was in the North West.

Repossession sales April 2020
East Midlands 16
East of England 4
London 22
North East 32
North West 42
South East 16
South West 10
West Midlands 22
Yorkshire and The Humber 33
England 197

Average price by property type for England

Property type June 2020 June 2019 Difference %
Detached £386,090 £372,097 3.8
Semi-detached £240,826 £231,082 4.2
Terraced £207,304 £199,166 4.1
Flat/maisonette £226,342 £224,000 1.0
All £254,423 £245,846 3.5

Funding and buyer status for England

Transaction type Average price June 2020 Annual price change % since June 2019 Monthly price change % since May 2020
Cash £238,507 3.0 3.0
Mortgage £262,388 3.7 2.7
First-time buyer £213,180 3.4 2.8
Former owner occupier £289,092 3.6 2.7

Building status for England

Building status* Average price April 2020 Annual price change % since April 2019 Monthly price change % since March 2020
New build £322,936 5.9 1.4
Existing resold property £242,263 0.7 -1.3

*Figures for the two most recent months are not being published because there are not enough new build transactions to give a meaningful result.

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