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UK backs British aid organisations in the event of no deal

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt has extended her commitment to protect the UK’s world-class aid organisations in the event of a no deal.

Last August the Department for International Development committed to funding any new programme led by a UK aid organisation funded from the EU’s humanitarian and civil protection agency (ECHO) in a no deal scenario.

The European Commission currently requires UK aid organisations to prove when they apply that they are able to fund the delivery of humanitarian contracts should there be a no deal scenario. The vast majority of organisations are unable to make such a financial commitment up front, and so were being discouraged from applying.

Ms Mordaunt has now promised to extend this pledge to cover any development funding implemented by UK NGOs which the EU would stop in a no deal scenario.

This includes contracts and grants awarded prior to 23 August. In addition, we will be extending the assurance to ECHO contracts signed prior to this date. This assurance will now apply to programmes bid for prior to 12 April.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt yesterday said:

It is deeply disappointing that the EU continues to discriminate against world-class humanitarian and development organisations because they are British.

We will guarantee funding to these life-saving organisations so they can continue their vital work in the event of no deal.

Ms Mordaunt has written to UK aid organisations to confirm her funding commitment.

Penny Mordaunt’s Written Statement to Parliament on the extension of the financial assurance.


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