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UK-EU Political Declaration offers a relationship from “Canada-plus” to “Chequers-minus”

Open Europe's Aarti Shankar argues the UK-EU Political Declaration leaves open a variety of models for the future relationship, on a spectrum broadly between a Canada-style FTA and a limited version of the government's Chequers proposal. The key question will be whether this model is on offer to the whole of the UK – including Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday announced that the UK and the European Commission have agreed the terms of the Political Declaration on future UK-EU relations. A leaked version of the declaration sets out a spectrum of possibilities for the future partnership, ranging from a “Canada-plus” comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, to what might be termed a “Chequers-minus” deal. Where the final agreement falls on this scale will depend broadly on how far the UK is willing to align with EU rules, and, correspondingly, how much it would accept in terms of level playing field obligations and an indirect role for the European Court of Justice.

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