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UKRI unveils detailed plans for research and innovation

UKRI councils show how they will play their part to support world-class research and innovation and drive economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits.

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Eight of the nine councils that make up UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have published their strategic delivery plans.

The plans set out how each of the councils will play their part in spending the organisation’s £7.9 billion annual budget.

Breadth of research and innovation

The plans detail support for the breadth of research and innovation that UKRI invests in.

This ranges from:

  • the arts
  • engineering
  • biological sciences
  • social sciences
  • medicine
  • the environment
  • cutting edge technology and facilities
  • the latest business innovation.

Delivering UKRI’s mission

The strategic delivery plans sit alongside the corporate plan.

They explain the part each council will play in delivering the wider UKRI mission and vision and detail the activities they will undertake during the three-year spending period.

This includes showing how they will deliver on UKRI’s five-year strategy, transforming tomorrow together, and implement the UKRI corporate plan.

Strategic delivery plans

Read the relevant council delivery plan:

Research England’s budget allocation aligns with the academic year rather than financial year. Budgets have already been agreed and published for higher education institutions for the 2022 to 2023 academic year.

The Research England strategic delivery plan will be published in the autumn.


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